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About the Center:    A Healing Mission


Our History

The Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center was born out of the vision of two young pastors many years ago, as they gazed out of their church office window to a professional arts building across the way and imagined a place where people could go to find healing and hope in an atmosphere of love and understanding. The two pastors, Dr. William Enright and Dr. Charles Alcorn, were serving the First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn at the time. They decided the vision had merit and presented it to their congregation for consideration.

The idea was embraced with enthusiasm by the members of First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn, whose establishment of a "Living Mission Fund" and subsequent endowment led to the Center's start-up. Other churches recognized the importance of the undertaking and joined in support.

So, with a few pieces of hand-me-down furniture and a one-room office in the basement of the First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn, Dr. William Enright and Dr. Charles Alcorn officially opened and dedicated the Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center in the Fall of 1976. Dr. Alcorn became the Center's first Executive Director. 

CDPCC was founded on the principle that affordable mental health in a Christian setting could be provided to the community by utilizing church space not used during the week. Since its inception, the Center has valued and honored this principle while thriving in two different church settings. As a result, we have been able to contain cost and offer high quality, professional counseling and educational services to the many Catholic and Protestant parishioners of our affiliate churches, as well as to the general public in local communities.

While we have held fast to the principle of relying on unused church space to contain cost over the years, sometimes circumstances dictate change. In 1999, we were faced with the need to relocate after calling the lovely Manse on the grounds of First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton our home for more than seven years. The church had undertaken a building campaign to expand their facilities which, unfortunately, included razing the Manse. When alternative church space was not found, we realized the time had come to let go of this well-serving principle and embrace another. After prayerful consideration, the Center purchased and moved into its own office space in April, 1999.

The purchase of our own office space required a shift in our vision, but our mission remains the same:

"Founded in Christian traditions, Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center welcomes everyone, inspires hope and facilitates healing. Skilled, licensed therapists apply the perspectives of psychology, physiology, spirituality, and culture in providing integrated therapeutic care and educational services.

Now, years later, we are able to see that our relocation "crisis" has helped to secure our future.  The offices have also allowed for growth and expansion of services.

In 2006, after 30 years at the helm, Dr. Alcorn stepped down from his role as Director to take up the challenge of growing the Center's endowment.  Dr. James A. Natter, who has served the Center as Associate Director and Director of Counseling Services since 1992, was elected by the board of directors to the position of Executive Director at that time.

We look forward to the possibility of serving you. Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions, comments, feedback, or desire for further information that you may have: cdpcc@cdpcc.org.



507A Thornhill Drive ~ Carol Stream, Illinois 60188 ~ (630) 752-9750