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The professional staff at the Center offer many different workshops which can be tailored to fit most speaking or conference needs.  The dates, times, number of sessions, and other details of each presentation are determined by the hosting organization and the speaker.  Other topics can be developed by request.  Click on a link below to read the full descriptions of the workshops within each category.  Presenting staff are listed with each workshop description.  See Meet our Staff for full biographies.

If you are interested in setting up a workshop for your group or church, please contact Sandra Kahn, MA, LCPC, Director of Educational Services, a at 630-752-9750 ext. 19, or email CDPCC.


·      Aging  

·      Anger 

·      Assertiveness Training

·      Blended Families

·      Career

·      Communication

·      Community Building & Teamwork

·      Conflict

·      Creative Spiritual Growth

·      Depression 

·      Difficult  People 

·      Effective Helping 

·      Exploring Self

·      Family

·      Grief  

·      Healing Methods

·      Job Hunting

·      Life Passages

·      Marriage

·      Men's Issues

·      Parenting  

·      Spirituality & Work  

·      Stress

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Aging And Loss:    Explores the major life losses in the context of progressive aging.  Our advanced years have rapid and significant relational, material and functional losses that make adjustment most difficult.  These dramatic changes are important to understand in order to appreciate what our parents are going through and what we also as adult children will be faced with in the not so distant future.      (Alcorn


Anger Management:    This seminar will provide participants with basic tools to manage anger in the ongoing experiences of everyday life, with a special emphasis on handling anger challenges in marriage.         (Berkemeyer


Assertiveness Training:  This workshop deals with issues of anger management and conflict resolution.      (Natter)                  


Blended Families and the Effect on Children: Looks at the common challenges of remarried families.         (Natter)



Thinking of a Career Change?    This workshop will help participants assess their strengths and weaknesses to gauge what direction a career change could take.  The information that comes from this workshop is also valuable in preparing to develop a powerful resume.       (Berkemeyer)

Moving Out of Career Doldrums.   Designed to help participants inject more intentionality into the management of their career while learning how to take proactive, practical steps to make effective future career decisions. (Berkemeyer



Improving Couple Communication: Includes such topics as tuning in to yourself and your partner, understanding styles of talking, and essentials of relationships.      (Natter, Francis, Kahn)  

Listening Skills and Couple Forgiveness.  The focal point of this workshop is on helping married couples focus on two critical skills vital to a supportive marriage relationship:  listening and forgiving.  These two skills are the foundation upon which couples can build a secure and stable loving relationship.        (Berkemeyer, Natter)

Talking Together: Focuses on the processes of flexible and effective interpersonal communication skills within a marriage relationship.                      (Alcorn, Francis, Natter, Kahn)

Core Communication A workshop that benefits individuals who desire to increase their overall communication effectiveness.                           (Alcorn, Berkemeyer, Natter, Kahn


Community Building & Teamwork

Team Building for Parish /Congregation Staff.  Have you wanted to spend some quality time with your parish ministry team away from the day-to-day pressure of congregational business?  Let us design a half-day or full-day team building retreat or realignment workshop to fit your specific needs.                                (Berkemeyer)

Team Building:  Uses assessment tools to evaluate both individual personalities and contextual patterns in a group.          (Alcorn, Natter)

Working Together:  Designed to enhance teamwork in a business setting.         (Natter)   


Dealing with Conflict:  A workshop designed for increasing communication skills and learning healthy ways to work through confrontation.        (Natter, Francis)


Creative Spiritual Growth

Journal Writing For Life And Growth:   Explores possibilities for growth by way of journal writing.  The workshop will include  writing excerpts and a variety of writing exercises.      (Francis)  

Creative Spiritual Journey: A deepening of one’s personal spiritual journey through the exploration of a specific issue (to be determined) using various creative pursuits such as art making, journal writing, meditation, Scripture, etc.  Workshop format combines lecture, discussion and/or hands-on exercises in art-making and writing (no experience necessary).     (Francis


Depression Diagnosis And Treatment:  Deals with different types and severity of depression and discusses different strategies for overcoming and coping with depression.      (Natter)


How to Deal with Difficult People: Strategies for reducing stress caused by the unreasonable behaviors of difficult people around us.      (Alcorn, Kahn, Natter)   


The Effective Helper:  Introduces participants to the basic skills of assisting one another in time of need, using the Book of Job as a background.                  (Alcorn)     


Exploring Self

Understanding Ourselves:  Uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Performax Assessment to help participants understand their temperament and contributions within a family or group.                (Natter)  

Understanding My Lifestyle
: Focuses on understanding and dealing with the different life
patterns and strategies that one may be unconsciously following.             (Natter



Family Generational Patterns:  This workshop looks at the hidden forces that creep into ongoing life resulting from family of origin and similar issues.              (Natter)

Family Constellations:  Focuses on birth order and positions in the family.       (Natter)

Understanding Families:  Family dynamics seen from the lives of Biblical characters Joseph and David (two-part series).       (Natter)


Bereavement Workshop:  Focus is on the work of overcoming the disorientation that follows the loss of a loved one and the painful steps of becoming involved once again in human relationships.     


Healing Methods

Relaxation Techniques: Behavioral techniques designed to reduce anxiety and depression as well as aid participants in coping with pain.   (Alcorn, Natter)

The Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection:   A one-day workshop exploring the adoption of a holistic lifestyle as a means of maintaining emotional, physical and spiritual health.       (Francis)  


Job Hunting

The Challenge of Job Loss; the ABC’s of finding another job:  This workshop will cover the fundamentals of job search including assessing strengths/skills/interests, writing a killer resume, effective networking and interviewing skills.  There will be time for personal skill building, questions and discussion.                      (Berkemeyer)  

Networking 101, It’s Art and Practices.  With a tight job market the single most effective tool to uncover new opportunity is networking, and yet, it is often the most misunderstood and poorly executed part of the job search process. Participants will earn how to change their mindset about networking and execute the process effectively in order to build helpful contacts for future success.      (Berkemeyer)                             

Resume Writing for the New Millennium A comprehensive discussion of the basic elements needed to produce a professional resume including content, positioning, transferable skills, and visual layout. Resumes will be reviewed and time will be given to developing effective profile statements, accomplishments, and other resume components.                 (Berkemeyer)


Life Passages

This Is Not Your Mother Or Father’s Retirement As the baby boomer generation matures and transitions from employment to retirement, many are discovering that the traditional notion of “retirement” does not fit their experience. The focus of this presentation is on planning the transition into retirement with deliberation and intention. For couples, the emphasis will be on developing a united vision and plan for their retirement.  The workshop will benefit those who are already retired as well as those who will be making the transition in the near future and want to be prepared for what lies ahead. Come and enjoy a presentation that will help you be more planful and intentional about this important phase of life.                                (Berkemeyer)  

The Psalms Through The Passages Of Life:   Explores themes of providence, suffering and restoration found in the Psalms in relation to unexpected life events that may move an individual from a secure place orientation to a painful period of disorientation, then back to a valued reorientation.                         (Alcorn)

Couples In Transition:  from career to the empty nest and beyond  The transitions in the cycle of marriage can be difficult without thoughtful anticipation and planning.  This 2-session workshop will assist executives and their spouses in planning with intention, the transition from full-time work to the empty nest and a life together with entirely new challenges and opportunities.                       (Berkemeyer)



The First Thousand Days:  Discussion and practical exercises for couples in the crucial first three years of marriage on such topics as preserving intimacy, preparing for changes over the years, appreciating one another’s uniqueness and working through major disagreements.      (Francis, Berkemeyer)

Marriage at the Movies:   Married couples will explore together how to take back their marriage and create a more loving relationship by looking at three critical aspects of loving:  intimacy, passion, and commitment, as presented in clips from three contemporary films.  There will be time for private one-on-one couple sharing as well as large group feedback.     (Berkemeyer)

Intimacy: An Elusive Goal in Marriage: Discussion and teaching of skills for developing and maintaining intimacy in the marriage relationship.                 (Alcorn)

Early Marriage:  re-creating your vision.  This two-session workshop will offer couples the chance to hear new ideas about managing dual careers and re-visioning your relationship while spending time rediscovering each other.                 (Berkemeyer)

Marriage Enrichment Seminar:   Designed to enhance a couple’s ability to create a “conscience relationship" which has the power to produce emotional healing, personal development and spiritual growth.  The seminar relies on the theory and skills of Imago Relationship Therapy described by Harville Hendrix in his book, "Getting The Love You Want," and based on the text by Wade Lurquet, M.S.W. (6 to 8 part series).            (Francis)

Redemptive Intimacy In Marriage:  making love vs. having sex:   the Wall Street Journal dated April 4, 2003 included an article discussing a contemporary phenomenon in married life:  the undersexed marriage, or the plight of the dual income, no-sex couple.  Research shows that 16% of married couples failed to have intercourse at least once a month.  The pressures of dual careers and the overscheduled household have taken its toll.  This presentation not only explores this issue, but also the important, beautiful result of human lovemaking and how it can reveal the mystery of God’s love in a unique way.                      (Berkemeyer)

Establishing A Marriage Ministry in your Church.  In a culture of anti-marriage sentiment nothing could serve couples more than a vital ministry aimed at nurturing, encouraging and supporting a healthy marriage relationship.  The staff at CDPCC can help you build a core group of couples dedicated to enhancing and supporting good Christian marriage in your community.           (Berkemeyer)  


Men’s Issues: Challenges that Men face: Dynamic approach to issues of sexuality, relationships and spirituality.      (Natter)



Bringing Baby Home: A Workshop for First-time Parents.  This workshop prepares new parents for the changes and adjustments that the transition to parenthood brings.  Couples will benefit from the latest child development research while also learning how to co-parent. This program encourages sensitive and responsive parenting as a means of promoting healthier infants and children in their emotional, cognitive and physical development.                    (Berkemeyer)

Parenting Children (0-6 Years): The “Systematic Training in Effective Parenting” (STEP) method is used to provide practical skills for parents of infants to six year-olds in the areas of understanding, communication, improving family atmosphere and discipline.      (Natter, Cochran

Parenting Children (6-12):         Same as above except with a different age group.      (Natter, Cochran

Parenting Teenagers (12-18):    Using the “Systematic Training in Effective Parenting for Teens” (STEP-TEEN) method, this workshop provides practical skills for understanding teens and pre-teens, communication, improving family atmosphere and discipline.  (Natter, Cochran)                               


 Spirituality & Work

Mindfulness Meditation A tool for creating a more serene life.                    (Cochran)

Rediscovering Spiritual Foundations for Executives In the pressurized world of corporate America, senior executives hardly have time for recreation, much less the luxury of taking stock of their own spiritual journey.  Help provide an opportunity for the executives in your church to set aside a few hours on an evening or a Saturday morning to pause, reflect, and listen to their peers as the facilitator leads them through a presentation and discussion on spirituality and the executive life.                       (Berkemeyer



Why Are You Cast Down, O My Soul. . .The Cry of the Believer Under Stress:  What are the events of life that bring on stress?  When does stress become distress?   How does our faith help us cope?  These are several of the questions that will be explored by reflecting on the lives of Job and the Psalmists in the Old Testament -- persons of God who had difficult things happen to them.  Looking at their coping skills through the filter of contemporary research can help us in our response to stressful events and promote clarity in dealing with related problems.  (Alcorn)

Stressful Events/Stressful People: A course in the positive use of stress: how to be empowered, rather than overpowered by it.     (Alcorn, Natter)     


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