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 Practicum Students Welcome!

Our Center considers our participation in the clinical training to graduate and pre-doctoral students a high priority and an important contribution to the field of psychology and mental health services.  CDPCC offers students an opportunity to gain a wide variety of clinical experience under excellent supervision.  Our Center is unique in that its staff is trained in theology, degreed in the behavioral health sciences, and licensed by the State of Illinois.  Thus, our clients know we will respect their religious tradition should they wish to use that as a resource in their healing process and trust our clinical expertise.


What to expect when interviewing: 

We follow the ACEPT guidelines. Given the volume of applicants, all of our counseling staff participate in the interviewing process.  Students ordinarily have a 45 minute interview with one staff member (i.e., a pastoral counselor or psychologist).  Towards the end of the interviewing calendar, those students deemed to be strong candidates will be invited to return for a brief interview, in order to meet the entire staff and ask any questions that may have arisen since the first interview.


Application Guidelines: 

Students interested in completing a master's level marriage and family or therapy practicum, a diagnostic practicum, an externship, or advanced practicum  are welcome to apply.  

When applying, please send the following, together in a single envelope

1.                  A cover letter detailing the type of position you are seeking

2.                  A curriculum vitae

3.                  An official transcript of your coursework

4.                  3 reference letters, one of which is from your school’s training department

5.                  For those requesting a diagnostic practicum, please send a writing sample of an assessment you completed.


Therapy and marriage and family practicum applicants, please send your materials to: 

Dr. Patricia R. Francis, O.P.

Director of Counseling Services

Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center

507A Thornhill Drive

Carol Stream IL 60188


Diagnostic practicum applicants, please send your materials to: 

James A. Natter, Psy.D.

Executive Director

Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center

507A Thornhill Drive

Carol Stream IL 60188



Please direct all questions to Dr. Patricia Francis, O.P., at 630-752-9750, ext. 17.  Email inquiries and applications are discouraged.



507A Thornhill Drive ~ Carol Stream, Illinois 60188 ~ (630) 752-9750