Latin for image, your Imago is a composite picture of the people who most influenced you at an early age.  Imago Relationship Theory was developed by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D.   Dr. Hendrix believes that you unconsciously choose a marriage partner who has positive and negative traits similar to your parents.  Imago Relationship Therapy can help you understand the hidden reasons you picked your partner and show you how to heal your relationship and yourself.

The Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center currently has one counselor who is trained in Imago.  Dr. Patricia Francis, O.P. uses Imago Relationship Therapy when working with couples and individuals.  She also trains parish and church lay leaders to teach Imago Relationship Therapy to couples within their congregations.



Other Imago Therapists' & Workshop Presenters' Sites

United States
Ruth K. Huttner, MA, LPC -  Workshop Presenter Phoenix/Chandler, AZ

Carol A. Anderson, LMFT - Workshop Presenter Fresno, CA
K. Dale Bailey, Th.D. - Workshop Presenter San Francisco, CA
Bonnie Bernell, Ed.D - Workshop Presenter Los Altos, CA
Gary Brainerd, PhD - Workshop Presenter Pasadena CA
Evelyn I. Challis, Ph.D. - Santa Monica & Los Angeles, CA
Charlene Conley, LCSW - Auburn, CA
Bruce Crapuchettes, Ph.D. and Francine Beauvoir, Ph.D.  - Workshop Presenters Pasadena, CA
Waverly Farrell, LMFT - Workshop Presenter Long Beach, CA
Janet Greenwood, Ph.D. LMFT -  Elk Grove & Sacramento, CA
Janis McCann, Ph.D. & David McCann, Ph.D. - Workshop Presenters Santa Barbara & Ojai, CA
Linda Paoli, LCSW - Sacramento, CA
Evie Schafner, MFCC  - Workshop Presenter Los Angeles, CA
Joy Sweet, LMFT - Workshop Presenter San Jose & Los Altos, CA

Maggie Vlazny, LCSW - Danbury, CT

DC area
Michael Borash, LPC, P.C. - Workshop Presenter Washington DC area
Carl Siegel, Ph.D. & Rebecca Sears, M.Div. - Washington DC area
Jette Simon - Workshop Presenter Washington DC area
Maryrita Wieners, MA, LPC - Washington DC

Walt Ciecko, Ph.D. - Workshop Presenter Wilmington & West Chester, DE

Barbara Agran, LMHC - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Naomi Berger - Boca Raton, FL
Dawn Lipthrott, MSW, LCSW- Workshop Presenter Orlando, FL
Bobbi Newman, LMHC - Ft. Lauderdale FL area
Kelly Patton, MS, PLMHC - St. Petersburg FL

Hedy Schleifer, MA - Workshop Presenter Winterpark , FL


Debra McElhaney, M.Ed., LMFT, LPC - Atlanta, GA
Louis McLeod, Ph.D. and Linda McNeely McLeod, M.Ed. - Workshop Presenters
Atlanta , GA


Jacqueline Winter, MSW - Honolulu, HI

Jill Fein Baker, LCSW - Workshop Presenter Skokie, IL
Mary Butler, D.Min. -
Evanston , IL
Leo and Peggy Dhont - Workshop Presenters
Wheeling , IL
Patricia Francis, O.P., Psy.D. - Carol Stream, IL
Ed Shea, LCSW - Elmhurst, IL

Jessica Bollinger , LCSW - Lexington, KY

Janet Drue-Manson, LPC - MD

Marcia Ferstenfeld, MA, LLP - Workshop Presenter Metropolitan Detroit, MI
Melva Thomas Johnson, ACSW, BCD & Jesse Johnson, MA - Workshop Presenters Detroit MI
Carole Kirby, LMFT, CCSW - Ann Arbor, MI
Joe Kort, ACSW - Workshop Presenter Royal Oak, MI
Beverly S. Talan, Ph.D. - Workshop Presenter Birmingham, MI
Marilyn Sylvan Thompson, Ed.S. CSW, LPC - East Lansing, MI
For additional Michigan area Imago therapists click here.

Ann Lumry, Ph.D, LMFT - St. Paul, MN

New Jersey
Betsy Bergquist, MA, LMHC -  Workshop Presenter Stewartsville, NJ
Daniel Goldberg, Ph.D. - Princeton, NJ
Maya Kollman, MA - Workshop Presenter Princeton, NJ
New York
Barbara Fontana, Ph.D. - Shoreham, NY
Gene Shelly, M.Div. - Workshop Presenter New York City, NY
Carol Kramer Slepian & Steve Slepian - Workshop Presenters New York, NY

North Carolina
Alice Carlton, LCSW - Chapel Hill, NC
Dori C. Luke, LSCW - Charlotte, NC
Jim Wells, MD and Libba Wells, MSN, RN - Hillsborough/Chapel Hill, NC

Linda A. Marshall, M.Div. - Dayton/Cincinnati, OH

Martha Baldwin Beveridge, LCSW - Workshop Presenter Oklahoma City, OK

K. Dale Bailey, Th.D. - Workshop Presenter Portland, OR
Tim Higdon, MS, LPC - Bend, OR
Stephen Ledyard, MA, MFT and Bea Ledyard, MS - Workshop Presenters Bend, OR
D'Arcy Swanson, MC, NCC - Bend, OR

Linda Bazan, Ph.D. - Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Marshall, QCSW - Erdenheim, PA
Mark Shulkin, MD & Sunny Shulkin, LCSW - Philadelphia, PA

Larry Semrau, D.Min. - Workshop Presenter Memphis TN
William Hillner, Ph.D. - Chattanooga, TN
David Solovey, Ph.D. - Chattanooga, TN

Joyce Buckner, Ph.D. - Arlington, TX
M. Dorsey Cartwright, M.Ed. LMFT - Austin TX
Pat Love, Ph.D. - Workshop Presenter Austin, TX
Barbara Reichlin, LMFT - Houston, TX

Michael Borash, LPC, P.C. - Workshop Presenter Woodbridge, VA
Geoffrey Byrd, MS - Winchester, VA
Kevin L. Ogle, D.Min., AAPC - Arlington, VA
Mary Linda Sara, Ph.D, LMFT - Workshop Preseenter Fairfax VA

Eveline und Klaus Brehm  - Vienna, Austria
Maureen Brine, Reg.N., ICADC - Toronto, ON
Sophie Slade, Ph.D. - WorkshopPresenter Montreal & Quebec, ON
Jette Simon - Workshop Presenter
Jette Simon - Workshop Presenter
Sophie Slade, Ph.D. - WorkshopPresenter London

Hedy Schleifer, MA - Workshop Presenter Israel
Sara Boxnboim, MA - Workshop Presenter Haifa, Israel
Jette Simon - Workshop Presenter
Jette Simon - Workshop Presenter

Eva Berlander - Workshop Presenter
Jette Simon - Workshop Presenter

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